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There’s Aliens In Mt. Shasta

I finally fell out the bottom of the well.  Turns out I was actually not in a well, but in a wormhole that led me into another dimension known as Mt. Shasta.  And yes, there are aliens.

I’m not sure who the aliens are though.  Almost every local I’ve spoken to in town has told me about an experience in which they’ve witnessed either spaceships flying in and out of the mountain or energy orbs floating around in their presence.  It seems to be taken as common knowledge that something otherworldly is going on here.  

Sometimes the story stops there, depending on who you’re talking to.  I’ve gone deeper though brother.  There is a whole community of folks here who believe in an ancient race of people called Lemurians who live in the caverns below Mt. Shasta in the city of Telos.  I’ve heard that this city possibly exists in the same physical location, but in a separate dimension, which explains why normal humans can’t see it.  The Lemurians sometimes come to town wearing all white and purchase supplies with gold nuggets.  They made their home under Mt. Shasta years ago when the continent of Lemuria sank beneath the Pacific Ocean.  

You can sometimes see the human followers of the Lemurians around Mt. Shasta wearing all white or purple (purple is the color with the highest vibrating energy waves).  They are often carrying or creating arrangements of crystals as a means of manipulating energy waves.

Have a look see at this page for more info on the Lemurians.

I met James the same day I arrived in town.  He is a spiritual healer and bonafide hypnotist who has traveled the world inside and out; one could say he dabbles in different dimensions.  Mt. Shasta draws a large population of spiritual explorers and I would agree that there is a noticeable warm and calming quality to the natural environment.  

So who are the aliens here?  The Lemurians?  The people wearing all purple telling me about the Lemurians?  The spaceship coming out of the mountain or the guy watching the spaceship come out of the mountain?  Maybe I’m the alien here, landing on strange soil and exploring these people’s foreign ways of life.  I’m simply an idea in your head much like the city of Telos is an idea in the head of a Lemurian.  I plan to investigate further.  Beam me up Scotty.

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